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"Strong architecture can only be possible with strong architects. We must help each other to get strong and constantly aim for the good of all." Wilfred J. Gregson, SARA founder, 1956

SARA is an organization of architectural professionals—It’s a little bit different from your typical professional association.  SARA was founded in 1956 by maverick architect Wilfred Gregson FARA, and it has survived and thrived for over six decades since.  There are active chapters and councils throughout the country, supporting the national organization.  All groups of professionals ‘punching above their weight’, with much of the membership active instead of just paying dues. 


We’re a smaller and more intimate organization- more nimble and easily shaped by the membership.

This provides a great opportunity to interact and get involved with colleagues from around the country.  Members can easily interact on a local and national level.  We’re an organization that is focused on fellowship rather then cliques, friendship rather then rivalries, professionalism rather then publicity.


Join the Society of American Registered Architects (SARA) in Chicago this Fall, for the 63rd Annual National Conference.  Chicago is renown as “the City of Architecture”, and SARA will give you the opportunity  to experience Chicago Architecture close-up !

 The SARA National Conference, October 30-November 3, will be held at the Historic Chicago Athletic Association, on Michigan Avenue, across from the iconic Millenium Park.  The Chicago Athletic Association dates to 1893, designed by Henry Ives Cobb, a leading 19th Century Chicago Architect, and represents the era when the affluent built clubs for themselves that resembled temples.  The SARA Conference places you right in the middle of this 19th Century Craftsmanship Experience.

 There will be personal insights to Chicago Architecture and Architects, only available through the SARA Conference.  Personal Tours will include:

  • Janney Technical Center (JTC): a personal tour by Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates (WJE), a global firm of Architects, Engineers, and Material Scientists headquartered in Chicago.  The JTC is a 70,000 sf state-of-the-art Testing and Applied Research Facility for WJE.  The tour of the facility will include insight to the design, construction, and capabilities of the Structural Laboratory, In-Lab Presentations by Petrographers and Chemists, and viewing of current Testing being performed.
  • Small Scale, Big Civic Impact Chicago projects, a personal tour by Skidmore Owings & Merrill (SOM).  One of the largest Architectural Firms in the world, this tour will illustrate SOM’s civic, smaller scale story.  Tour will include the Taylor Street Affordable Housing Project, which is integrated with the Little Italy Branch Library, the renovated warehouse West Loop Library, and the Chinatown Branch Library., a new, non-prototype library.  All three projects are P3 – Public/Private Partnerships with the City.

To complement the tours, the SARA Conference will also be sponsoring lectures by Chicago Architects, and will include:

  • Current planning and initiatives in Chicago and what this means for future of the City.  Presented by Doug Voigt, Partner in SOM’s Chicago office, where he leads the firm’s City Design Practice focused on regions and cities around the world.  Doug will be presenting SOM Case Studies of master planning in Chicago.
  • Architects and Lawsuits – Common Causes/Minimize/Avoid.  Presented by Ian Chin, Vice President and Senior Principal of WJE, where he has made numerous presentations on the evaluation of problems in facades and structural systems on buildings.  Ian, with his significant experience in solving problems in exterior facades on buildings, will be presenting on how Architects can work to.

Join the SARA National Conference and EXPERIENCE CHICAGO!!!

SARA 2018 National Conference - Miami

Photos by Tim Hao, ARA




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